[Anst-dancers] Hermit's Bransle?

Russell and Erika Kinder Russell_Erika at comcast.net
Sat Aug 27 06:13:42 PDT 2005

The version of the dance we do is fairly undignified as well. I think  
the creator of the dance was trying to make a comic statement about  
hermits. Just go with the flow and have a good time.

Ihon's version looks good to me.

Two bows, by the way. And doing the dance in a gay bar is too  
frightening to contemplate. :-P

--Guillaume de Troyes

On Aug 9, 2005, at 9:42 PM, tmcd at panix.com wrote:

> Hermit's Bransle.  The chorus I learned (well, as best I remember,
> since it was years ago) was: turn single 180 degrees with four kicks,
> then cross arms over the chest and bow twice from the waist, then
> again to face the center of the circle.
> In the Kingdom Dance insert, Ihon gives the chorus (aside from _three_
> kicks while turning) as
>     with arms crossed over the chest and bowing, touch right toe to
>     left instep, then left toe to right instep, then right toe to left
>     instep and close
> One bow?
> Any suggestions on how to do that footwork in any reasonable way?
> When I tried it on my own with the rather sprightly music, there was
> enough torsion that it looked like I was doing the Twist.  I don't
> mind waggling my butt while dancing, but I prefer to be in a gay bar
> instead of at the Wells Branch Community Center.  A version I Googled
> had touching the toe to the heel, which led me to end up looking like
> I was kicking each foot forward in turn, which at least looks more
> dignified.
> Danihel de Lindocollino
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