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Nadine Latief nl33 at cornell.edu
Mon Jul 11 07:42:15 PDT 2005

Check this out, our very own guild proctor, Capricia, was one of the 
dancers that won the group serif.  (Even though she was dancing for An Tir ;-))
Congrats, Capricia!

Yay! Dancing!

 >>>It's all over for another year.  Thanks to everyone who came.  I have
 >>>taken the web site down but left a few bits and pieces behind -- hopefully
 >>>those who have taken photos from the event can share those at some point.
 >>>So the official news:
 >>>Winner of the costume competition -- Catrina Williams.
 >>>Winner of the beginners' dance competition -- no entries!
 >>>Winner of the group serif -- "An Tir" (Janelyn, Trahaearn, Sara, Capricia)
 >>>Winner of the silver serif -- tie between Lynnette & Gwommy
 >>>There were two bids for KWDS 6, one from An Tir and one from Ealdormere.
 >>>Eventually it came down to a galliard-off between the bid leaders Trahaern
 >>>and Darius, which Trahaearn won, so KWDS 6 will be in An Tir.
 >>>Thanks to all those who made it out here and all of the locals who showed
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