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Antonello del Bello antonello at integrity.com
Wed Jun 22 20:15:11 PDT 2005

Greetings my friends and fellow dancers!

Warm...okay, hot...greetings from the Canton of Westgate and the Kingdom Dance and Music Symposium Event Stewards.  Thank you all for coming down and making this one of the very best KDMS events ever!  We received many compliments and much positive feedback from you, the participants, and am very pleased that all had a great time.

This event would not have been possible without all who stepped up and took on a leadership role.  Thank you to Maitresse Perronnelle for coordinating the Ball and to HL Gerald for leading the musicians.  Thanks to Lady Brenna for posting & updating & updating (& updating some more) the website; i know you got tired of me after awhile.  For running gate, thanks to Mistress Hillary and for the sideboard dinner (which got very high marks) Lady Melanie and Lady Kemma.  HL Thomas, thanks for designing the cover for the proceedings and for taking the job everyone hates most - setup/breakdown; you did an awesome job.  Brenna Clare, your hard work paid off; the shoebags were a hit.  My Lady, Lorien, even with the time crunch i know you are under, you churned out beautiful basket covers as teacher gifts; thank you so much!  Finally, HL Isabeau, you have such a knack for design; the proceedings were incredible, amazing and extremely well done; you were a joy to work with.

Next, our teachers need recognition.  We owe a great deal of gratitude to each who coordinated class tracks and taught.  Coordinator of Middle Eastern, HL Clara von Ulm, and her teachers HL Rhiannon, HL Antoinette and Lord Cormac did excellent in putting on a great track.  HL Gerald, Coordinator of Music, and Master Avatar, thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise.  Our European Dance teachers - HL Isabeau, HL Guillaume, HL Helene, Mistress Anne, Master Philip, HL Myfanwy, Lady Lowrie, Maitresse Perronnelle, HE Ihon and Baroness Signy - thank you all for working so hard to make KDMS an exciting event and for giving so much energy and entusiasm when duty calls.  We would also like to extend thanks to Dr. Kendall for again providing us several hours of wonderful instruction; your expertise and class is unmatched.  

We had roughly 120 people pass through gate and we were in awe.  There were people walking in off the street just to see what was going on; that was an amazing thing to witness.  Classrooms were routinely packed from what I saw.  Just about every class I dropped in on had more people participating than I could count.  It's great to see so many people having fun and learning so many new dances.  Dont forget the feeling you had this weekend.  Share the dances and spread the word that dance is alive and well!!!

We know that we didnt possibly include everyone who is worthy of our gratitude.  There were so many who helped pull it off.  Thanks to each of you!  Our hats are off to this great Canton, the Barony of the Stargate and the Kingdom of Ansteorra for allowing us to host the event.  It was truly our pleasure to be a part of it.

Keeping the Dream alive,

Ld Antonello del Bello
Ld David Dayly
Event Stewards
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