[Anst-dancers] KDMS Much Awated Information

Antonello del Bello antonello at integrity.com
Tue Jun 14 20:33:11 PDT 2005

Unto the populace,

My apologies in supplying such late information.  

If you have not already looked at the KDMS site (www.clancircle.com/kingdomdance), i invite you to do so.

On the directions page, there is a listing of hotels available in the area.

The final schedule is also posted, and includes not only European Dance but information on the Middle Eastern Track as well.

Finally, the sideboard dinner menu is as follows:
    Green salad with Italian and Ranch dressings
    Relish tray
    Warmed baked beans
    Vegetarian beans
    Beef brisket
    Fruits in season
    Breads & butter
An ingredient list will be available at gate.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the event!

Ld Antonello del Bello
Ld David Dayly
Event Stewards
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