[Anst-dancers] Hermit's Bransle?

Charlene Charette perronnelle at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 9 21:17:57 PDT 2005

tmcd at panix.com wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Sep 2005, Charlene Charette <perronnelle at earthlink.net> wrote:
>>Having "spoken" with Daniel off-list, apparently the bottom-wiggle
>>was caused by the way he was doing the marque pied.  I explained my
>>interpretation to him and that seems to have helped.
> Specifically, you got me a photocopy of a page showing the step -- was
> that from a translation of Arbeau?

Well, I sent a photocopy and my personal herald to demonstrate.  If he 
didn't deliver the demonstration he shall have to be flogged.

> It looks to me more like jogging in place.  It's also curiously hard
> to do the bowing and the jogging at the same time, rather like rubbing
> your tummy and patting your head.
> Still, so our forefathers danced it, so will I essay to do, or the
> kingdom is doomed.

Not necessarily.  We don't know how exactly they did the bows.  I don't 
usually do this dance.  I'll have to play with it some more.


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