[Anst-dancers] New Proctor and Meeting "Minutes"

Scot and Michelle Henry cshenry at ev1.net
Mon Sep 12 20:23:42 PDT 2005

The Ansteorran Guild of European Dancers met on September 10th at the Fall
Arts Symposium.  


The meeting was held at noon instead of 5 PM due to unforeseen changes in
the building's schedule.  I apologize to those who were unable to attend due
to this schedule change.  


Master Pug, the only nominee for guild proctor, was unanimously elected to
the position by all members in attendance.  

Officially guild members may also vote in absentia, but with only one
nominee this vote becomes "Pug" or "abstain" so it seems to be a moot point.


Capricia also opened discussion on the idea of having some method of
ensuring steady leadership of the guild if a proctor becomes inactive.  The
idea of a "drop-dead" position and a vote of confidence were discussed.
However, most of the members seemed to feel that such a measure was
unnecessary, partially due to the time constraints in our bylaws.    


There was also general discussion about promoting dance throughout the
kingdom, alternating a kingdom dance event with a kingdom performance event,
and encouraging "veteran" teachers to explore different class ideas, such as
dance culture and "how to teach dance," at our big dance events.  


One of the main ideas for dance promotion was to post Ansteorran
choreographies on to the guild's web site.  Links to other commonly-done
dances not choreographed by Ansteorrans would be provided with the
appropriate copyright/permission documentation.  Submitted dances would be
edited solely for mechanical and (glaring) grammatical errors, not for
content.  As guild proctor and web site coordinator, Master Pug will be
deciding upon any specific guidelines for this process.


If you have any ideas for dance promotion or need to update the web site's
information about your dance group (contacts, nights, times, etc.), please
contact Master Pug at pug at pug.net.





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