[Anst-dancers] Hermit's Bransle?

Charlene Charette perronnelle at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 9 10:38:50 PDT 2005

Russell and Erika Kinder wrote:

> The version of the dance we do is fairly undignified as well. I think  
> the creator of the dance was trying to make a comic statement about  
> hermits. Just go with the flow and have a good time.
> Ihon's version looks good to me.
> Two bows, by the way. And doing the dance in a gay bar is too  
> frightening to contemplate. :-P
> --Guillaume de Troyes

Having "spoken" with Daniel off-list, apparently the bottom-wiggle was 
caused by the way he was doing the marque pied.  I explained my 
interpretation to him and that seems to have helped.  Now, if you 
*prefer* to wiggle your bottom in a gay bar who am I to judge?  ;-)


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