[Anst-dancers] Proctor nominees

Russell and Erika Kinder Russell_Erika at comcast.net
Fri Sep 9 01:04:22 PDT 2005

On Sep 9, 2005, at 12:02 AM, tmcd at panix.com wrote:

> I have rarely seen such vitriol on an SCA mailing list (recently).
> May I please ask people to chill?

I actually don't see a whole lot of vitriol going on here. You should  
read the mailing list archives (This goes for anyone else who doesn't  
understand what's being talked about on the list and is curious - or  
you could just delete these gratuitous, non-interesting e-mails......  
hey wait, shouldn't I be doing just that?)

> what are the purposes of the Ansteorran Dance Guild?

same as any other politically-minded organization:

although formed with the best of intentions (and many stated &  
honorable goals) to slowly grow into a bureaucracy.

Daniel, you seem like a fun person. I'd like to meet you sometime.

See you all soon! [imagine ominous music here]

~ Isabeau Lallement (from the Steppes, or Dallas)

PS - next e-mail there will be even more statements in parentheses (I  
promise) (hahahaha) (no seriously)

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