[Anst-dancers] Dancing fading?

Sweet, Debby deborah.s.sweet at okstate.edu
Tue Dec 4 12:20:34 PST 2007

>I talked to the Coronation autocrat and a formal evening ball is
>out of the question since everything has to be done by 9pm to allow
>to cleanup of the hall.

Figured something like that would be the case -- but thanks so much for

>On the other hand, if we want to try to have dancing in the afternoon
>whenever there is a break in activities. It wouldn't be as formal as a
>ball, but it would hopefully be informal and fun if we can get people
>to do this in more of an impromptu nature.

Imrpomptu can be good. The biggest problem I can see is that, at least
in my experience, the hall is already set up with the tables and chairs
where the feast organizers want them. There is usually not much empty
space available for dancing. The Mooneschadeen would probably be fairly
accommodating as certain numbers of us will be dancing or playing music.
If we can be adjacent to others of like ilk, we could have room to


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