[Anst-dancers] Dancing fading?

Myfanwy ferch Eifion myfanwy at pug.net
Mon Nov 26 05:50:05 PST 2007

O.k, I'm a little concerned about dancing in Ansteorra.  The way it looks to
me is that as a Kingdom our interest in dancing has faded.

The reasons why I say this are:
1) Kingdom Dance and Music a couple of years ago had relatively low
attendance.  Then this year the interest was so low that they placed it with
another event and then there was so little response for the call for
teachers that they cancelled that part of the event.
2) There has not been many events were a ball has been advertised.
3) There is so little traffic on the ansteorra-dancers list that several
people thought that the list had gone away.
4) Although not necessarily the same thing, still a show of the "symptom,"
when Pug announced that he needed to step down as proctor because he had not
done anything, only one person responded and that was with questions and
only Pug answered the questions.

So, what do we as dancers want to do to fix this?  Is it having AGED and all
the "baggage" associated with it that is causing the issue?  Should we put
AGED dormant?  Should we get a new proctor and see if we can stir up
interest again?  (Yes, there is somebody interested in holding proctor.)  If
it isn't AGED, is it just because we dancers are an aging society?  If that
is it, how do we get younger people interested in the Kingdom dancing
society?  Is it something else entirely?

I personally miss having the "kingdom" level group.  I don't care if it is a
guild or not.  However, I like playing, talking, and dancing with others who
want to take dancing above just doing all the easy dances.  I like to work
with people in dancing who think about/research/practice outside of dance
guild/KDMS/Gulf War.  I like working on more complicated dances and that
means we need people who want to work at that level which when we look at a
broader group of people means that is more likely to occur.

I will admit, I haven't been dancing much the last year or so.  I started
going back to my dance guild meeting recently because I remembered that I
*like* to dance.  I need to ignore all the things that keep me from it, and
just do it anyway.


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