[Anst-dancers] Dancing fading?

Nadine Latief ianthe at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 07:16:37 PST 2007

I think for dance to remain active in Ansteorra.. there has to be an
active quorum of dancers. A group of geeky dancers really interested
in dance.. and have the passion to go to events that are several hours
away, to dance even though it is considered an after-thought in
events, to dance even though there are hardly anyone else dancing.

We had that core geeky group a few years ago.. but since that group
was so tiny, when a few members stopped doing all the things above, it
is really felt. At Known World Dance last year.. from Ansteorra there
was only me (who don't really play locally anymore), and Peronelle
(who to my understanding, don't really play locally much currently?)
and Philip (who doesn't even LIVE locally).

Did anyone from Ansteorra attend Crystal Ball this year? I remember a
bunch of Ansteorreans car pooling to it a few years back.

Anyways, since dance was my main SCA activity, when I stopped dancing,
I stopped playing in the SCA.. except to go to events llike KWD or
Pennsic (both of which I went this year).

I don't know why other people dropped out, or stopped playing.. but
here are some of my own reasons:
- Dating someone outside the SCA. the level of my ren dance activity
when I'm dating a non-scadian, and when I'm dating a laurel...
is very different. And, frankly, I think this is the best way to
recruit and retain young people in the SCA.. get them to date a
SCAdian (preferably their age). This is related to recruiting and
retaining young people.
- Not having enough geeky dancers in my area (Austin).
- Burned out from teaching the same beginner dances over and over again.
- Burned out from teaching people who didn't want to go beyond beginner dances.
- Not having enough of a close network of friendships, people to hang
out with, in the SCA.. so it was easy for me to drift away. (though I
have lots of good SCAdian friendships around the country, but only
about 3 locally, and they have a busy lifestyle).

All that said, I still love Renaissance dance.. and I still want to do
it. If Austin was San Francisco, I would probably stop by the weekly
dance practice regularly because: 1. Someone else is in charge of it.
2. They do "geeky" dances.
In the meantime, I'm dormant.. and hope someone else will spark a revival.


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