[Anst-dancers] Dancing fading?

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I know that for Isabeau and me, there is just too much other stuff on our
plates.  My 120 mile commute four days a week leaves me exhausted, also.
Antonello has found a new place to hold dance where we might attract some
new people and I've promised to attend.
I don't think the Guild causes any problems -- I doubt many people give it
thought at all.  I had to smile at Pug's apology -- gee, I thought he was
just carrying on a well established 'tradition' in which I played a like
role <sheepishly smiling>.
I've talked with other B & Bs at it seems that guild interest in all areas
has slipped throughout the kingdom.  Perhaps its a side effect of greenhouse


On Nov 26, 2007 7:50 AM, Myfanwy ferch Eifion <myfanwy at pug.net> wrote:

> O.k, I'm a little concerned about dancing in Ansteorra.  The way it looks
> to
> me is that as a Kingdom our interest in dancing has faded.
> The reasons why I say this are:
> 1) Kingdom Dance and Music a couple of years ago had relatively low
> attendance.  Then this year the interest was so low that they placed it
> with
> another event and then there was so little response for the call for
> teachers that they cancelled that part of the event.
> 2) There has not been many events were a ball has been advertised.
> 3) There is so little traffic on the ansteorra-dancers list that several
> people thought that the list had gone away.
> 4) Although not necessarily the same thing, still a show of the "symptom,"
> when Pug announced that he needed to step down as proctor because he had
> not
> done anything, only one person responded and that was with questions and
> only Pug answered the questions.
> So, what do we as dancers want to do to fix this?  Is it having AGED and
> all
> the "baggage" associated with it that is causing the issue?  Should we put
> AGED dormant?  Should we get a new proctor and see if we can stir up
> interest again?  (Yes, there is somebody interested in holding proctor.)
>  If
> it isn't AGED, is it just because we dancers are an aging society?  If
> that
> is it, how do we get younger people interested in the Kingdom dancing
> society?  Is it something else entirely?
> I personally miss having the "kingdom" level group.  I don't care if it is
> a
> guild or not.  However, I like playing, talking, and dancing with others
> who
> want to take dancing above just doing all the easy dances.  I like to work
> with people in dancing who think about/research/practice outside of dance
> guild/KDMS/Gulf War.  I like working on more complicated dances and that
> means we need people who want to work at that level which when we look at
> a
> broader group of people means that is more likely to occur.
> I will admit, I haven't been dancing much the last year or so.  I started
> going back to my dance guild meeting recently because I remembered that I
> *like* to dance.  I need to ignore all the things that keep me from it,
> and
> just do it anyway.
> Myfanwy
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