[Anst-dancers] Dancing fading?

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Greetings All,
  Debby as I understand it the dance is not canceled but the dance classes are. I have enjoyed the discussion on this problem and have gone through the same problem with square dance and ball room dancing. It is a never ending up and down cycle.
  Thomas of Conway

"Sweet, Debby" <deborah.s.sweet at okstate.edu> wrote:
  Isabella said:
>I would like to see more dance in the kingdom but I don't hear 
>much talk or communication. What are other people doing about
>dance? Is it dead, quiet, or just needs resuscitation? Do we
>need to get several teachers together and teach others how to
>teach a dance? Schedule regional dance practice?

>Our music guild is working with the dancers once a month.

We have a local dance practice once a month here in the Province with
live music usually (though sometimes due to weather or sickness recorded
music is necessary).

Really, what *I* think needs to happen in regards to dance is this --
recruit more Landed Barons/Baronesses, Their Highnesses, and the Crown
to get more involved in dance. When "the masses" see the authority
figures having fun dancing (and that's what we want -- not begrudgingly
going around the floor once or twice and then disappearing), they (the
masses) will want to have fun too. 

Look at what Meridies does with their dance guild -- the guild helps
sponsor a ball for Coronation & for Crown Tournament. Even if we reduced
that to only Coronation (assuring thus an inside location) two balls a
year would be wonderful -- a great way to showcase both dancers, dance
instructors, and musicians.

Personally, I've been out of traveling far away for some years (due to
my boys), but I was considering starting to travel again to teach dance.
I was disappointed to see Kingdom Dance was in Stargate, but felt that
someone had added it on at the last minute so that K.D. would happen
this year. I'm also sorry that they've had to cancel it. I don't really
think Kingdom Dance needs to happen every year and it might be possible
to add it to another Kingdom level event (Heraldic symposium leaps to
mind as an example -- there's a group in Calontir whose local event is a
Heraldic/Dance event). Other possibilities are also possible.


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