[Anst-dancers] Dancing fading?

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Wed Nov 28 05:30:50 PST 2007

> 5.  What's danced.  While i dont mean to purposely disrespect anyone here,
> we need to dance what the masses want to dance.  if that means we dance
> 80% beginner-to-mid level dances every week at practice, then that's what
> we should do.  

I think it great to bring up the standard 80/20 mix of things since clichés
are great to use since they are commonly true. You'll get the masses with
the 80% beginner-to-mid level dances, and you'll retain older (years
dancing) or advanced dancers with the 20% advanced and new dances.

This is probably a very good way for dance guilds to get more advanced or
new dances, but I think the problem is that they don't do the 20% advanced
dancing so the more advanced dancers get bored and fade away. Part of this
is that many people will either:

plan a set list so they have things prepped and not plan for the 20% since
they don't know who will be there
Leave it free flowing and allow the dancers to make request without setting
out a plan for new or advanced dances

While I hate to mention this to local guild members since I've been a
"typical" proctor, I think they need to intentionally plan the 20% new or
advanced dances in order to get enthusiasm from the advanced or budding
dancers. There are some who are very good at getting enthusiasm levels up,
as I've seen from Mistress Kaitlyn given the level of expertise and desire
to dance I've seen come out of the Shadowlands college age members.

Btw, I will admit that I've been a downer for some of the more energetic
dances (be they English Country or Italian) just because of my AGED body not
holding up as well as it used to.


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