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Ladies and Gents,

I wasnt quite sure how to respond to this when i read it the first time, but
have given a little thought and want to speak these words.

While there are those who do deck themselves out in the finest of finery,
that should NEVER make anyone feel unwelcome in a dance or ball.  i dont
have a whole ton of clothing for SCA but make due with what i have and i
feel quite comfortable dancing in peasant clothes with even the most
wondrous of ladies next to me as partner (maybe it's just a guy thing or
because i'm guild principle).  I encourage you to not let this issue prevent
you from joining in.

While it is nice to have a solid and steady partner for those "love" dances,
not having one can really allow one to turn up the heat on the old flirt
machine (with possible payoffs, i might add).  dont feel left out if you
dont have a partner; there are many who dont.  grab one (by the hand for the
first dance) and get on the floor - dont be shy; there's no reason for it.

Brenna Clare (swwet lady) hits the nail square on the head.  we (should) try
to make everyone feel comfortable.  if we are not or seem to not be inviting
or welcoming, then that is a problem that needs to be dealt with
immediately.  Dance is a social concern that should be open and comfortable
for all, whether you are a beginner or advanced.

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  *grins and chuckles*  Thank you, I might try next time.  Just be ready for
the gentleman that gets paired with me to have some ice packs.  I don't miss
toes very often.

  With a swirl of silks and bells,
  Aurore Gaudin
  Burkhaven Household
  King's Land

  M'lady Aurore
    I love dance in the SCA and once could hold my own on the floor, but now
my body an my memory make me worse.  However, when ever I have asked our
dance masters they have made allowances for "push me pull me" for my husband
and myself.  Yes, these are the basic dances, but they allow us to dance as
we are able.  Some years ago there was a dance outside Austin, TX and my
week old husband called it the best Saturday he had had in a long time. The
lovely lady dancers got him thru a number of dances.  So just ask.
  Don't worry about your clothes, the beautiful difficult dances are
wonderful, but I have never been made to feel unwelcome.  Please join us.
  the unablebodied dancer
  Brenna Clare

  To the Good Gentles,
  Please allow a bit of good-hearted jestering as to this may explain what
holds my interests in the dancing arts. In my 13 years of the SCA, aging to
a ripe 33, there are many parts of the ED that just does not do well for me.
About 12 of my many years has been married to a non-SCAian, which hopefully
and shortly will be dissolved. Going to events with no partner to dance
lovers' dances and such really does make me feel left out. Another reason is
the temperature of days and even nights that this dances are held on at
events and tight clothings. I overheat after a day of working the event and
just ready to wear lighter clothes or just to not even want to put on
heavier clothes to look the part. Don't get me wrong, I love the richness of
the clothes but too tight and too many hoops and layers and I might as well
sit out all the dances. As for the last reason, I got two left feet when it
comes to group dancing. Even doing Western line dancing, I go
  the wrong way.
  A laid back idea I had while thinking of how to get myself into the dance
is to maybe do it more peasant style. Or to have fun taking a starched dance
and twist it up a bit. We are after all suppose to be creative medival
people. Take 3 couples, two couples out on the floor dancing in really nice
outfits, then all of a sudden a female peasant or lower-middle class woman
comes out running, gently shoves one of the finer dance woman off the floor,
taking her place, the woman disappears off the area to change, the dancers
keep moving, a minute later, a less than finer dressed male comes out and
takes the place of one of the finer men. Then the earlier displaced woman
comes back in lesser clothes and shoves the last fine dress woman out and
the men do the same. The last fine dressed couple comes back in less than
fine clothes and joins the dance. A way for everyone to see the lesser
people can join and maybe go do a peasant group dance.
  With a swirl of silks and bells,
  Aurore Gaudin
  Burkhaven Household
  King's Land

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