[Anst-dancers] Dancing fading?

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Mon Nov 26 10:36:58 PST 2007

Greetings onto the Lords and Ladies of this list,
 From the sounds of it this is about European Dancing.  Which with much regret I have no interest in, but I do have the love and passion for Middle Eastern Dancing.  I know I'm not ready to be a teacher of MED, but I do let my heart teach it to my best ability in the household I share with friends in an area that lost it's SCA status as a group.  We try for monthly get togethers, I pull out my DVDs and CDs and we learn together as friends.  At one point I was working on a Halfa for the Known World to come and join for a weekend, with dancing and feasting.  As mundane life can sometimes be a trial of itself, it put a hold on the planning.  And now I see I have to get it started again if but to show to the world, that dancing hasn't stopped but just in the moment of a break to breath again, get a glass of water, wine, or mead and wait for the next number to start.
With a swirl of silks and bells,
Aurore Gaudin
Burkhaven Household
King's Land

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