[Anst-dancers] Dancing fading?

Sweet, Debby deborah.s.sweet at okstate.edu
Tue Nov 27 07:33:13 PST 2007

Ld Antonello said:

>1.  New blood is vital.  
>2.  Time to dance.
>3.  AGED? one priority should be PR
>4.  Support from the top.
>5.  What's danced.

Wow. You said it much better than I did. 

I think though  that if we can kick-start AGED again one of the
proctor's duties should include responsibility for arranging a
Ball/Dance at Coronation (responsibility can include passing the duty to
a designated deputy). Is it too late for someone to step up and arrange
something for the upcoming Coronation? (Too late for the print media,
but flooding the ether with dance messages would probably work.)


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