[Anst-dancers] Masked Ball & Court Stargate Yule

Terri Hirling thirling at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 17:11:24 PDT 2007

Myfanwy wrote:
Well, drat.  We most likely will not be done with our other commitment until
around 4:00.  Is court after the ball then?  What time will the event be

Yes, court will be after the ball.  The tentaive schedule right now is
Laureling elevation in TRM court approximately 5:10.  They will close
their royal court and we will reset for Royal and Baronial court to start
at approximately 6:00 with feast  scheduled for 7:00.  As stated this
"tentative".  I think we have to be out of the site by 11:00 or midnight but
I'm thinking we'll start cleaning up after feast is over.  Just a guess on
my part.

Baroness Isabeau

"We live in two worlds . . .  the world into which we are born, and the
other world that is born within us.  Both may be a blessing or a curse.  We
choose."  Attributed as a Druid homily.
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