[Anst-dancers] Ball at Siege the Day April 13th

Jed Tressler jed.tressler at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 08:28:37 PDT 2008

Come join the people of Shadowlands for a night of Fun (note the capital F).

We will be holding, as part of our event "Siege the Day," a Ball to
kick off the evenings festivities.  The Event opens at 12:32, with
dance classes and rehearsal for musicians starting at 1:00.  If
anybody would like to teach a class, there is still space available.
Contact Isabelot de Forens (Isabelotdeforens at gmail.com) for details.
The ball itself is slated to begin at 7:02.  Delicious snacks of the
times will be provided throughout the Ball with a late night
sideboard, included in the site fee, to be laid at the conclusion.
The site is wet, so feel free to bring any additional refreshment of
your liking.  And there is space to spread out a bedroll or cot and
spend the night with us.

For those wanting a different beat to dance too, there will be a drum
circle latter in the night, and dancers are greatly encouraged to
enjoy the captive audience.  Again, if anybody would like to teach
classes, space and time is available.

Our local troupe of musicians will be providing us the melodies to
move our feet, and they would love to increase the size of their band.
 If anyone is interested, please contact myself or Bridgett
(sarah.gray.88 at gmail.com), our music mistress for details and music

A dance list will follow shortly for those that want to review.

Site Fee is
Additional information can be found at
http://shadowlands.ansteorra.org/siege.html, or by e-mailing myself.

Yours in Service,
Lord Bastian Eisengart
Event Stewart, Siege the Day
jed.tressler at gmail.com

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