[Anst-dancers] Merry Musicians CD

Cindy Derrick cindy at mccr.org
Wed Feb 13 07:25:06 PST 2008

Scot and Michelle Henry wrote:
> This sounds very cool!  Are you planning for this to be for those that
> probably already know the dances (familiar with terms and pacing, etc.) or
> those that are primarily beginners?  The calling styles would definitely be
> different for these two groups and some sort of step explanation would need
> to be included if it's for the latter group.  Either way, I think it's a
> great idea to really help spread dancing.
> Michelle (Capricia)
 Frequently we are asked to do a quick walk through of a dance. 
Sometimes we work with unfamiliar music. A called piece would be an 
excellent way to add to the variety of our dances. I like the idea of a 
called dance recording.

I would  offer to work with your group on the instructions and improve 
my calling ability. Possibly a  written document with very basic 
instructions could be included and the calling within the music could be 
similar to what is audible on the dance floor during a dance/ ball. This 
project could be a wonderful opportunity between musicians, dancers, and 

I personally would like to see this project develop as a resource  for 
areas that do not presently have a dance instructor but have interest in 
having  dance.

Isabella of Bryn Gwlad
Proctor, Ansteorra guild of European dance

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