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Sweet, Debby deborah.s.sweet at okstate.edu
Tue Feb 12 09:38:58 PST 2008

I though this list would be interested in this info if you're having
trouble deciding what to teach at any dance practices between now and
Gulf Wars.

Just because I'm such geek about lists of things, especially dance
things. I've taken the ball lists of Gulf Wars - Wednesday/Ansteorra,
Thursday/Trimaris, Friday/Gulf Wars, Saturday/Gleann Abhann, and
Calontir's upcoming Coronation/Lilies war lists.

Based upon the number of times a dance appeared, these are the dances to

Petit Vriens x 5
Rostiboli Gioioso  x 5

Amoroso x 4 

Black Alman x 3
Gelosia x 3
Heart's Ease x 3
Heralds in Love x 3
Korobushka x 3
Official Bransle x 3
Picking of Sticks x 3

Charlotte Bransle x 2
Gathering Peascods x 2
Goddesses x 2
Hole in the Wall x 2
Parson's Farewell x 2
Pease Bransle x 2
Rufty Tufty x 2
Sellinger's Round x 2
Villanella x 2 
War Bransle x 2
Whirligig x 2


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