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This sounds very cool!  Are you planning for this to be for those that
probably already know the dances (familiar with terms and pacing, etc.) or
those that are primarily beginners?  The calling styles would definitely be
different for these two groups and some sort of step explanation would need
to be included if it's for the latter group.  Either way, I think it's a
great idea to really help spread dancing.
Michelle (Capricia)

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So the Merry Musicians have been throwing several ideas around, and one
of them would be to make a dance CD with this twist: each dance is on
the CD twice, once as an instrumental, and once with the dance being
called. Mostly geared towards those groups that want to practice
dancing, but don't have a local dance instructor.

Would this be of use to anyone?

Any further ideas or thoughts?

Thanks for your help.

HL Estrill
MMM & dance instructor
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