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[I don't know anything about Gaita, like how good or authentic they
are, or how usable their arrangements are for dance.  But it looks
most promising, with the sources listed, and the Gresley looks
exciting to me, if those are ones that we have dance reconstructions
for. -- DdL]

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     The ensemble of musicians known as Gaita has just produced a
wonderful new album of 15th c. dance music for both dancing and
listening pleasure.

     See below for the track list. Note that the album contains newly
composed/arranged music for Gresley dances, along with [sic -- DdL]

     If you would like to purchase a copy of the CD, accompanying
dance book or book of musical arrangements at Pennsic, please let me
(Judithsca :at: aol dot com) know so that I have enough copies on
hand.  Please forward this message!

My thanks!


Duchesco (Ballo)               Chris Elmes for choreography by Ebreo

Legiadra (Ballo)               Ebreo (PnG), arranged CE

Chirintana (Balleto)           Chris Elmes for for choreography by Ebreo

Colonese (Ballo)               Ebreo (PnG), arranged CE

Voltati in ça rosina (Ballo)   Ebreo (PnA), arranged CE, CW & AC

Giloxia (Ballo)                Ebreo (PnA)

Pizochara (Ballo)              Ebreo (PnG), arranged CE

Belreguardo (Ballo)            Domenico, arranged CE

Piva                           Anon. "Saltarello" (no. 1) from London BL

Phoebus (Bassadanza)           Anon. "Bel fiori dança" from Faenza

Saltarello                     Cornazano tenor "Cançon de pifari", arranged CE

Damnes (Basaadanza)            Cornazano tenor "Collinetto", arranged CE

Filles a marier (Basse danse)  Brussels, arranged CE

Bugill                         Gresley, arranged CE

Tamrett                        Gresley, arranged CE

Whatsoever ye wyll             Gresley, arranged CE

Aras                           Gresley, arranged CE

Egle                           Gresley, arranged CW & AC

Pavane La Venissiene           Gervaise, re-arranged CE

Galliard                       Gervaise


London                     Lo.       London BL Add. 29987

Faenza                     Fa        Codex Faenza, Biblioteca Comunale, 117

Domenico de Piacenza       PnD       Paris BN, Ital. 972

Antonio Cornazano          Rvat      Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Capponiano 203

Guiglielmo Ebreo           PnG       Paris BN, Ital. 973

Giovanni Ambrosio          PnA       Paris BN, Ital. 476

Brussels                   B         Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, ms. 9085

Gresley manuscript         Gres      Derbyshire Record Office, D77 box 38, pp. 51-79

Claude Gervaise            Gerv      Quart livre de danceries, 1550

Sixieme livre de danceries, 1555

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