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Thu Jul 24 22:18:39 PDT 2008

Until the graceful and adept dancers of Ansteorra does Iohann se
pipere bring greetings!

As publicist of European dance for Pennsic XXXVII, I kindly pray that
you read the following announcements.

In service,
Hlaford Iohann se pipere
Sable, a gyron argent
Ars Longa Vita Brevis (art endures, life ends)

first announcement:

Her Excellency, Alyna Tir-y-Don, Lady of House Haakonstead, member of
the Company of the Dragoon Guard, and Freescholar of the Academie
d'Espee, by the Grace of God, TRMs Sinclair and Kari, Sovereign and
Consort of Atlantia, and Their Excellencies Jean Claude de Calais and
Alyna of the Ilex, Baron and Baroness of Tir-y-Don, encourages all
gentles who are suitors of Terpsichore but debutantes at dance to join
her in the dance pavilion for the Beginner's Ball!  This occasion of
revelry will begin at the ninth hour in the evening of III Non. Sext.,
the 3rd day of the month which now honors Caesar Augustus.  Each dance
will build upon the steps learned from the previous one and the ball
will progress from Bransles to English Country dances to a few basic
Italian dances.  Those who choose Euterpe, the muse of lyric song, as
their mistress (i.e., minstrels) are most heartily welcome!

The Baroness will also offer to the populous some light refreshments.
In addition, a limited number of cd's, which will have the music for
the dances, and documents containing the choreography for each one
will be available.

second announcement:

Come one and all to the English Revel in the Dance Tent, on Monday the
4th of August at 9:00 in the Evening, at which shall be done divers
sorts of Dances that are known in England.  Besides Dancing, we will
"have a trifling foolish Banquet towards".  Many of the Dances will
have been taught beforehand by the Master of the Revels, Lord Henry of
Maldon, in Classes including those on Saturday noon–2, Sunday 3–4 &
4–5, and Monday noon–2 & 3–4, with cheat sheets for those Dances.

The tentative program of dances (which may be subject to change up to
the time when each dance is done) is as follows:

The eight Old Measures, a Galliard, New Boe Peep, Chestnut, Gathering
Peascods, Half Hannikin, Newcastle, Grimstock, My Lady Cullen, Rufty
Tufty, Hearts Ease, Sellenger's Round, The Whirligig, Jenny Pluck
Pears, Once I Loved a Maiden Fair, Ly Bens Distonys, Parson's
Farewell, a French braule (Peas' Branle), Scotch Cap, If All the World
Were Paper, Picking of Sticks, Up Tails All, Black Nag, The Merry
Merry Milk Maids, Nonesuch, Dull Sir John, Love's Light Wings,
Boateman, Trenchmore, Hit and Miss.

third announcement:

To all who read these words, may it be known that the Grand Ball held
in the barn of the town of Pennsic on August 5th of this year shall be
a colour ball in the
tradition of the court of lord Phillip, Duke of Burgundy, Count of
Charolais, etc., and that the colors shall be gold and red to create a
resplendent ambience in the darkness of the evening. Don garments of
one or both colors and come and dance away the evening!

Your servant,
Judith, Lady of the Royal Court of Drachenwald, Magistra Laurea

p.s. People are OF COURSE permitted to attend and participate even
if they are not wearing red or gold.  This is only intended to add a
little festivity and visual interest to the proceedings

fourth announcement:

Joshua the Imperfekt, host, with Clan Blue Feather, wishes all gentles
of the Known World to hear that the 19th Annual Clan Blue Feather Ball
& Fashion Cotillion will be held on Tuesday evening, August 5th, at 9:00
p.m. in the Dance Tent at the Pennsic War.  Please join them for
dancing, fun, food, friends and frivolity, as well as prizes for the
most notable garb.  Remember, their motto is "Wear what makes you
look your best, but not necessarily your best garb!"  A panel of
roving mystery judges will be on the lookout for both fun and serious
garb, so be sure to arrive early to give all plenty of time to admire
your handiwork, and also to enjoy an evening of dancing.  Following
the Ball, Camp Urso will host a post-revel just down the block.

fifth announcement:

To all attending the Great War known as Pennsic, does Elisa von
Sophey, Princess of Oertha, send greetings!  We will be hosting a Ball
in the style of Maestro Fabritio Caroso from 5 to 7 p. m. on Wednesday,
August 6th, in the Dance Tent.  The musician stands ready to play any
tune from the dance manuals of Caroso, Negri, and other manuals from
16th century Italy.  Our Maestro del Ballo will be Edwardus the Wise,
and Gregory Blount will be our Maestro del Sonato.  Please join Us to
dance or watch -- this may be the best performance dancing to see at
the War!

sixth announcement:

May it be known that I will host a revel on the feast of St. Sixtus (August
7th), and that this revel will be rather wanton in nature, indulging in
drink, food, music--- and that path into the bowels of Hell itself, dance!
Festivities will commence after the setting of the sun, at the ninth hour of
the clock; all are invited to come and make merry, no matter their pleasure!
For those who follow the path of Terpsichore, I have contracted a fine
ensemble of pipers who will obey any request provided that it be concurrent
with contemporary tastes in these time of the Medici and the ascendancy of
the great house of Burgundy.

I remain your servant,
Judith de Northumbria.


The theme of the food, dancing and music will be 15th century, but that does
not preclude people who have no 15th c. clothing from attending--- ALL are
welcome, whether they dance, drink or do anything 15th century or
not...Vikings, Romans, Arabs, Magyars, Franks, everyone! Please, pass this
invitation on to all and sundry. It is a party, first and foremost!

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