[Anst-dancers] 30th Year?

Deana Covel Whitney dmcovel79 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 27 18:56:38 PDT 2008

Calling Ansteorra Dancers!

30th year is in the not-so-distant future, May 2009.

When was the last time we had a great themed Ball?
 Do you remember the 25th Year Ball of “Cardinals & Courtesans”?   
   Let’s put on something like that again!

Since I’m throwing the idea out, I would love to say “I’ll do it!” But the facts are: 1) It takes interest from lots of people for a Ball to be successful; and 2) I don’t know enough dances to teach a ball.

But what if the Ball is “Hosted” by All the dance teachers? Or dance groups?  Each one could be responsible for a block of dances at the Ball.    I am able to coordinate and make a schedule ahead of time.  The Ball could also be a “Teach as you Go” one, so that if there is not time or places to teach during the days, more people can join in.  Since we normally have to teach the dances as we go anyways.

Baroness Druienne’s philosophy regarding 30th year is: “If you want it, make it happen. I’ll give you space on the schedule and room.”

  So it is my hope that the Dancers want to have a Ball.  And I hope this gives us all time to think about what is wanted before things become too rushed.

In Service to Dance,
 HL Hanna von Dahl


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