[Anst-dancers] 30th Year Evening Activities

Deana Covel Whitney dmcovel79 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 22 16:01:27 PDT 2009

Greetings Dancers,

 I doubled checked my email list.  Philip is right, I sent out a call for interest in October. All the responses were about the wrong date I had listed and jokes about “having a Ball.”

Since then, I’ve heard nothing from any dance teachers.  I will admit, I also have not pushed because life happened.

So, I do not intend to sound bitchy, but I am being very blunt below...

The facts are:
1) There is space tentatively set for a Friday night Dance in the hall on the schedule
2) Dancers will lose the space if Master Ihon does not get a confirmation from a Ball Host/Hostess soon.
3) If I'm to be the Ball Hostess, I need to know if the Kingdom dancers and Dance masters are interested. (I can only teach about 2 dances)
4) Firm promises are needed that Dance masters / Dance groups will teach during the dance.
5) If there has been no movement on this idea by May 9, I’ll ask Master Ihon to open the hall to something else on Friday night.

1) We have a Ball Theme – throwing some out for everyone - Send others
a. Fops & Maidens
b. Merry Fools (in the Shakespeare since)
c. Courtiers & Courtesans
d. Bishops & Barmaids
e. Others…
2) The Dance sets should be varied and fun, not just period. So if someone wants to have “Hole in the Wall,” lets do it.

Suggested Schedule:
Set 1: 3 – English Country Dances (ECD) – to be named by hosting group/dance master
Set 2: 3 – Brawls – to be named by hosting group/dance master
Set 3: 3 – Italian Dances – to be named by hosting group/dance master
Set 4: 3 – Advance Dances, any style – to be named by hosting group/dance master
Set 5: Dance at will

I’m suggesting the ECDs and Brawls to begin, because they are easier to draw people into.  The Italians and the Advance sets can be for all the experienced dancers.

If you have ideas share them.
If you have a radically different idea, step up and be the Ball Host.
If you (or your group) want to be the sponsor of one of the above Sets, say so by May 9.

30th Year is July 9-12.   The time to declarer something is NOW!
There were three balls at 25th Year, I still have the book and the set lists. All were fun. Not having one at 30th Year would make me sad. 

In Service,
 Hanna von Dahl, OL

"Burn brightly without burning out." - Richard Briggs



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