[Anst-dancers] 30th Year Evening Activities

Deana Covel Whitney dmcovel79 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 23 16:51:34 PDT 2009

The Pearl Ball,  I like that.  :-)

Just to be clear: 
Do you want to be the Ball Hostess, who will sponsor one of the sets?
Or do you just want to sponsor (teach) one of the sets?

If the Ball Hostess, great! I will help you in any way.
If a sponsor, great! I will still help you in any way. 

Performance dances:
Here's an idea.  There are three dance groups that I know about: Stargate, BG & Moonschadow. (sorry if I am mistaken)
Would each group be willing to 1) host one set of dances and 2) open their set with a Preformace dance?   
  I know watching the candle light dance of BG is one of the Dream moments for me.  :-)


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> Mistress Hanna (& all you other
> quiet listeners)
> I would be quite willing to be your Dancemaster for a Ball
> on Friday night. I have been reluctant to step forward till
> now (personal reasons). I probably know 80-90% of the
> "normal, typical" dances.
> I have no suggestions to put forward on a Ball Theme. I
> personally don't do ball themes much -- it's not that I'm
> against them. I will show up and dance anyway -- why do I
> need a mask or special costume?
> I would also be cool with your suggested schedule:
> >Set 1: 3 – English Country Dances (ECD) – to be
> named by hosting group/dance master
> >Set 2: 3 – Brawls – to be named by hosting
> group/dance master
> >Set 3: 3 – Italian Dances – to be named by hosting
> group/dance master
> >Set 4: 3 – Advance Dances, any style – to be named
> by hosting group/dance master
> >Set 5: Dance at will
> And if other dancemasters want to host particular sessions
> or if a group wants to do a "performance piece" - that's
> great. Saves my voice & I can go play with the band.
> Speaking of the band -- I'm know some of the Merry Musicians
> will be there. And they are always glad for more people to
> join them.
> Alternatively, I'd be quite willing to be the dance master
> for any one set.
> >2) The Dance sets should be varied and fun, not just
> period. So if someone wants to have “Hole in the Wall,”
> lets do it.
> In regards to #2 -- I feel that dancing is so unhealthy in
> Ansteorra right now, if we try to "be period only" it just
> might be the death blow.
> I missed going to 25th because my son very thoughtfully
> shared his pneumonia with me. And at 20th, I missed most of
> the dancing because I was pregnant and taking a nap. The
> husband didn't wake me like he promised. It would be very
> disappointing to have no dancing at all this time.
> If another ball is organized for Thursday night, maybe a
> Caroso style Ball? (At this point I'm not sure when we are
> arriving).
> OK - I had a thought about a Ball Theme. I was thinking
> colors; and then I thought, what's the 30th anniversary
> gift? It's pearls. The Pearl Ball.
> Estrill
> Mooneschadowe
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