[Anst-dancers] 30th Year Evening Activities

Sweet, Debby deborah.s.sweet at okstate.edu
Thu Apr 23 17:08:07 PDT 2009

>The Pearl Ball,  I like that.  :-)

[So are we casting pearls before swine?]

>Just to be clear: 
>Do you want to be the Ball Hostess, who will sponsor one of the sets?
>Or do you just want to sponsor (teach) one of the sets?
>If the Ball Hostess, great! I will help you in any way.
>If a sponsor, great! I will still help you in any way. 

If I'm understanding correctly, not Hostess, but sponsor.

I'll be busy teaching & drumming: I'll teach a set (or more if necessary). I'll duck into the pit/band every now and then & bang a drum.

>Performance dances:
>Here's an idea.  There are three dance groups that I know about: Stargate, BG & Moonschadow. (sorry if I am mistaken)
>Would each group be willing to 1) host one set of dances and 2) open their set with a Preformace dance?   
>I know watching the candle light dance of BG is one of the Dream moments for me.  :-)

Hmm, I'll ask and see if anyone is interested.

I would love to see the BG group do what they performed at Gulf Wars.

I don't know the Gresley stuff yet -- so hints for a dance class??


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