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Hello everyone!

I am in charge of the hall at 30th year.  I double checked everything I had, and it looks as if this mention on the schedule is just a place holder.  No official dance classes have been scheduled.  Earlier in the process Master Ihon had emailed me about the possibility of dance in the hall, so I sectioned off an area.

If anyone would like to schedule a class, please email the master scheduler Honorable Lord Tadhg ld_tadhg at yahoo.com.  He will put it on the schedule.

Ansteorran 30th Year Hall Coordinator

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Howdy - 

I think Hanna may have scheduled it. She emailed the list back in October to start planning things - saying she'd get it on the schedule and to help organize but that she needed help running the actual dances. 

I doubt she has access to the list while at work but she may be able to confirm later on.


> >No, there is not. But Friday evening is open for one to be organized
> .
> I'm curious - on the 30th year schedule page they list European Dance on Friday starting at 5 pm in sections H5b, H5d, H8a & H8b. Is this just a place holder?
> http://30th-year.ansteorra.org/schedule.php

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