[Anst-dancers] 30th Year Evening Activities

Russell & Erika Kinder russell_erika at verizon.net
Thu Apr 23 23:49:09 PDT 2009

Hey there:

I'm glad that folks had fond memories of dance at 25th year.

We will not be able to make it, as it in (unfortunately) in July, and  
thus not a good time to bring our 1 and 3 year olds out to an event.  
Actually, that might not be such a bad time, but Canton is not a great  
site or environment for the kiddoes. There is also a good probability  
that we will be on our family vacation about that time, so we will  
definitely not be making it out.

Hope everyone has fun.

HL Isabeau

PS: If anyone wants tips on what it took to get dance going at 25th  
year, you are welcome to e-mail me

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