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Thu Jan 8 20:53:50 PST 2009

Candlemas in Bryn Gwlad, February 7, will have a masked ball with
dances between courses in the feast.  The dance list is at

    The First course of the feast will be served

    First Set

    Hole in the Wall
    Heralds in Love
    Queen's Alman
    Amoroso (12 pivas)

    The Second course of the feast will be served

    Second Set

    Black Alman
    Gathering Peascods
    Picking of Sticks

    The Third course of the feast will be served

    Third Set

    Petit Riens
    Ly Bens Dystonis

The dance mistress wants people to just dance, so there will be no
practice or walkthroughs during the ball.

I've been inveigled into arranging for the teaching of classes during
the day for people who want to learn them or who want a refresher.
(Booklets with step reminders, rather like the Terpsichore booklet,
will be available in some quantity.)

First I'm wondering how much time should be requested for each class.
I think it depends on whether the people showing up are experienced
and just need a refresher / knowledge of the local version, or
inexperienced people.  I suspect it'll be a large proportion of
inexperienced dancers, so they will have to be taught in full.  Even
removing the big two [1], I think an hour per set would be OK if not

Second: any advice on holding the classes?  All I can think of is to
arrange enough room to practice dance in, and a music player and CDs.
Given that the head steward is Myfanwy verch Eifion, I'm optimistic
about room for dance practice.

Third: anyone willing to come to Austin, Texas, to teach dances on
February 7?

[1] I'm inclined to suggest not teaching Whirligig and Hole in the
Wall because they both take a lot of time to get down pat, and people
are likely to know #2 already or to be able to fake it duing the real
dance.  Or at least put them off until the ends of their hours in case
there's time available.

Daniel Lincolia
Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com

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