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The Pearl Anniversary Ball At 30th Year

Celebrate 30 years of
European Dance in Ansteorra.

Come and enjoy an evening of dancing, live music, and merriment.

English Country Dances!
Italian Dances!
Brawls! Oh My!

It will be a “Called Dance” ball.  So you can join even if you do not know the dances, or just need a refresher.
When: Friday, July 10, 2009
Time: 6:30 pm – Hall close
Where: Main Hall

The Ball:
Set 1: English Country Dances
   Sponsored by HL Estrill 
Set 2: Arebau
   Sponsored by Master Ihon 
Set 3: Italian Dances
   Sponsored by Mistress Myfanway
Set 4: Advanced Dances
    Sponsored by HL Isabella 
Set 5: Open Dancing
    Sponsored by The Dancers of Ansteorra. Anyone can sponsor a single dance. [There are two dances scheduled in this set right now.]
Volunteer your time by contacting one of the hosts below.
Music Pit Host:
Sir Gaston de Clermont
Clermont1348 at yahoo.com

Ball Hostess:
Mistress Hanna von Dahl
Dmcovel79 at yahoo.com

Finger food refreshments and drinks will be available

[Yea!  The plans are firmly set and in motion.  If you want to teach a dance or music class, contact the Master scheduler HL Hedwig.]

"Burn brightly without burning out." - Richard Briggs


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