[Anst-dancers] Call for Teachers at Candlemas

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Wed Nov 24 06:23:33 PST 2010

February 5th, Bryn Gwlad will once again host Candlemas to welcome back the light to the Barony.  This year will include saying goodbye to Baron Avery and Baroness Gwenneth and appointing a new couple to lead the Barony.

During the day, we will have a dance track going amid the classes that day.  Although we have some excellent teachers available here locally, I would welcome volunteer teachers from other parts of the kingdom as well.  Please contact me at star7fisher at aol.com if you are interested in leading a class.  

Some frequent dances that our musicians know and can be part of the evening dance sets:

Hole in the Wall
Maltese Bransle (Schiarazula Marazula)
Horse's Bransle
Montarde Bransle
Black Alman
Loraine Alman
Queen's Alman
Petit Riens
Ly Bens Distonys
Half Hannikin
Rufty Tufty
Heart's Ease
Gathering Peascods
Black Nag
Heralds in Love
Picking of Sticks


Sorcha ni Fhaolain aka Star
Bryn Gwlad Dance Guild Principal

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