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Greetings Ansteorra!
The Shire of the Shadowlands is excited to announce the return of our
celebrated (though seasonally-challenged) day of merriment, Fall Ball
in the Small Hall!  This year's theme is Ballhalla, so wear your
finest Norse attire, brush up on your bransles, and join us for a day
of fun with something for everyone on Saturday January 29th!

Site opens at 10:00am, with activities to begin shortly thereafter.
Lord Llywelen of Shadowlands will be leading a series of dance classes
to prepare for the evening's ball.  New dancers and seasoned veterans
alike are welcome to learn or practice the steps, and any veterans who
would like to assist with instruction are invited to contact Lord
Llywelen at TMarkulin AT neo.tamu.edu.

Other activities throughout the day will include a variety of games
(including Shadowlands favortes Minotaur's Maze and Viking Axe Throw),
charter painting and fighting opportunities for both chivalric and
rapier combatants.

For those who work up an appetite dancing, fighting and having fun
there will be a potluck feast immediately preceeding the evening's
ball, with the shire providing meat.  If you plan to partake, please
bring an appetizer,side or dessert to feed yourself or your family,
plus five others.  For ideas on what to bring, please email the feast
coordinator Lady Isolde die Waeyer at LMNorman at UH.edu.

Dancing will begin at approximately 6:30pm, with the set list to be
announced ASAP.  Any musicians interested in performing during the
ball are encouraged to contact Lord Llywelen at the email address
listed above.
The annual Shadowlnds Bransle-Off (AKA Bransle 'til you Bawl) will
take place between sets, so come prepared to compete to join the
illustrious ranks of Shadowlands Bransle Champions!

All the legendary fun and hospitality of a Shadowlands (unofficial)
event can be had for a $5 gate fee, with children admitted free.  Site
is the traditional Clubhouse in Eastside Park in Hearne, TX.  (map is
here http://maps.google.com/maps?q=30.8851904+-96.5824698).

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, and we look forward
to seeing you there!

Yours in service,

Lord Oringr Ketilsson

Afrun Gunvararsdottir

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