[Anst-dancers] Gulfwar XX European dance coordinator wants your help

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i think i volunteered to do something.  i dont really want to teach, but i
dont mind coordinating one of the balls.  Just tell me which night and if
there's a theme.

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Are you going to Gulf war in March? Do you like to dance or teach dance?

I am Isabella from Ansteorra and be will coordinating European dance this
year at Gulf wars. Details of dance classes, ball list, themes are all being
working on. I am looking for instructors, class suggestions, ball themes,
people to coordinate balls. Do you have a class you want to teach or class
suggestion? Let me know.

My deadline is January 9 so our schedule can make the booklet in March.
Please let me know if you are willing to teach a class, coordinate a evening
ballor a little of both.

Respectfully submitted,

Isabella Maria della Rosa
Gulf war European dance coordinator
cindy at mccr.org

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