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I love Ly Bens!  Tell you what- if someone would like to teach the dance side of 
it, I'll run some musicians through it so that it gets played and danced more.
  We may end up with additional coordination in the performance tracks, but for 
now Mistress Marguerite is the nexus for all the class information.  If you'd 
like to commit to teaching, send her the following info:

Teacher Name:
Title of Class:
Duration of Class:
Class limit:
Age limit:
Time preferred:
Special requirements needed:

tlpratt at sw.rr.com is her email address.
  She's only opening up a single track at a time to specific subjects, so we'll 
have to get several classes on the list to get additional classrooms. 


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Perronnelle  said:
>I'd be happy to teach, but welcome suggestions
>on what people would like to learn.

"Ly Bens Dystonys" (or however you want to spell it) would be *my* number one 
request. With possibly Amoroso as the second. Those three dances (along with 
Gracca Amoroso) are the only ones of the Top 17 SCA dances that I don't know.

Complex ECD dances also have some appeal to me -- but maybe not to others.


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