[Anst-dancers] Dance Teaching at Candlemas

star7fisher at aol.com star7fisher at aol.com
Tue Oct 18 14:10:37 PDT 2011

I'm striving to get my ducks in a row to run a full track of dance at Candlemas from 11 am through 4 pm.

Candlemas will be in Georgetown TX on February 4th, 2012.  https://sites.google.com/site/candlemas2012/

If you would like to commit to hosting one (or more) of the dance classes, please send me star7fisher at aol.com a note with your name, class name, class description, and amount of time needed.  Thanks.

I will provide the class coordinator, HL Catherine, a consolidated dance list for posting to the website.

In addition, I'm working on the dance set lists for the evening.  We are limited on time, but if you have any dances you would especially like to enjoy at Candlemas, please pass on the suggestion and I'll see how they might fit in.


HL Sorcha ni Fhaolain  called Star
Bryn Gwlad Dance Guild Principal

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