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Subject: [Ansteorra] Dead (or very comatose) webpages
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I am reviewing the Ansteorran Server and looking for pages/groups that
are rarely, if ever, used and are not being
actively maintained.

The first such that comes to notice is the dance.ansteorra.org page.
It hasn't been updated in forever and the person
listed as the page maintainer moved out of kingdom many years ago.  If
there is anyone interested in maintaining this
site or who has reason for this site to stay up on the server please
contact me at kingdom at webminister.ansteorra.org.

The second site I am reviewing is bard.ansteorra.org.

The third/fourth site I am reviewing is the youth-combat.ansteorra.org
site (a redirect to the Kingdom officers page)
and the youth-rapier.ansteorra.org site.

Please understand that I am in no way trying to diminish anyone's
presence on the web but if these resources are not
being used and not being updated it is better to remove them rather
than to leave them on the web in various stages of
disarray and/or abandonment.

William Cameron deBlakstan

Webminister, Ansteorra

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