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These are questions from the autocrat of the next Known World Dance Symposium.


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Hi all,
So here are some questions for you.

Would it help if the registration process asked for self declared level of ability?

Where is the hole in your knowledge - what do you want to learn?

From whom do you want to learn something?

do you have contacts in the dance world of non-SCA scholars of music or dance that we can contact?

In previous events, they have tried not to designate beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced labels.  Would it be helpful to specify some classes as such?

It may be difficult to extend the event a day early but would it make sense since Friday tends to be lighter to try and incorporate  an intensive track on Fri?

These same questions are to be posted to the SCA musicians groups that I know of.  Feel free to pass them about.  While I can't possibly make everyone happy, I want everyone to come away with great ideas.

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