[Anst-dancers] Dancing at Crown Tourney

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Wish I were there!  It's been so long since I've danced that I'd need
classes for sure!  I like the title: "Snow Ball"  and I like the sets!  Have
fun dancing!   Baroness Signy Gandalvsdottir


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I will be teaching dance at Crown Tourney from 1:00p to 4:00p. Anyone
interested in dance is welcomed whether you're an absolute beginner or have
been dancing for years. You don't need attend the full three hours; feel
free to come and go at any time.

I'll be teaching dances from the evening's ball. Exact dances taught will be
determined by the number of dancers who come to class and their skill

The Snow Ball is from 7:00p to 10p and will have live musicians (yay!).

The Warm Up Set:
Nika Nika
Half Hannikin
Gathering Peasecods
Jenny Pluck Pears

The Diabolically British Set:
Black Nag
Rufty Tufty
Heart's Ease
Parson's Farewell
If All the World Were Paper

Bransle Off:

The Fancy Footwork Set:
Petit Vriens
Queen's Alman
Rostiboli Gioioso
Black Alman

The Night Owl's Set/ The Oddball Set
Le Bens Distonys
Angus Reel
John Tallow's Canon

May be rotated in as wanted and with enough dancers:
Juice of Barley


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