[Ansteorra-marshals] Online Authorization System

Morgan Buchanan morganbuchanan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 11:35:32 PDT 2011

Just to give you all a brief run-down of the system we're gearing toward....

This is a system to alleviate the paperwork and mailing expenses on the back
end of the authorization process, not a testing procedure to replace or
enhance the existing authorization process.

In a nutshell, we're working on an online process for the administration of
cards, expirations, authorizations, and the like.  Here is kind of a
run-down of the flow of the new system.  I'm going to say "fighter"

Fighter wants to authorize.  Authorization marshal may tell the fighter
about the website before or after authorization exercises.  Doesn't really
matter.  When the fighter registers on the site, he will select his
authorization marshal from a drop down list.  Once fighter registration is
complete, the authorization marshal will get an email saying, "You have a
fighter who needs to authorize."

The marshal logs in and finds the new fighter assigned to him, and checks
off on the forms for which the new fighter is authorized.  A marshal will be
restricted by the system to only be able to check off on the stuff for which
they are approved.  IE, a chiv only marshal can't check off a rapier or
archery authorization.

The fighter will now get an email back saying, "You are authorized.  Go
print off your card."

The fighter will be able to download a document, probably a PDF, of their
fighter card.  They will be able to retrieve it any time while they are
still authorized.  If they wash it or their dog eats it, they can go print
another.  The kingdom saves hundreds of dollars a year on printing and
mailing cards to everyone.

We'll be combining this with SCA membership expiration date cards, so
warranted marshals will have membership driven expiration on their warrants
that are shown in the system.

Should be pretty cool.  As soon as I have a few more folks on here, I'll be
posting a link for everyone to go try it out, "get authorized" and so on.
The print function isn't working.  But I want to get feedback on the
bare-bones of the system.


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