ARN - Re: Doule-wide Epees (was from Kazimir, what does it take?)

Lenny Zimmermann zimmerml at
Wed Apr 14 13:14:45 PDT 1999

Robert Wolfe posted:

>Actually I have something to discuss.  The double wide epees.  I'm starting
>to think that they should be added to the schlaeger lists.  I have had
>several complaints among my people of minor bruising and such from the
>double wides.  Anyone have an opinion?

I'm with Amerinda on the whole bruising issue, it's just as easy to get
bruised with ANY of the weapons we use. The real question to me is where
does this blade fall in comparison to the two main styles we use. Does a
double-wide, because of the tapering, have a chance of being broken in an
open guard? In which case it would have to follow the fencing-class weapons
rules. Does a double-wide have a stiffness provoking as much danger to the
throat as a Schlager or Del-Tin does? If so, perhaps it should be considered
a schlager-class blade where the extra throat protection is required. Or
should it be in a class of its own?

Personally I think we should keep it where it is. I don't think double-wides
are stiff enough to warrant the same protection requirements of the
schlager-class blades, although you can always wear the extra protection as
long as it does not interfere with blow-calling. I also feel that a
double-wide would fall under a somewhat similar likelihood of breakage in an
open guard as an epee would since they taper to similar widths. (Not that I
think the likelihood of breakage to be very high, mind you, but what we have
now is at least a guide to work from.) So I say keep it fencing-class and
ensure our marshals are on the ball watching for consistently hard hitters,
especially those using the stiffer blades.

Honos Servio,
Lionardo Acquistapace, Bjornsborg
(Lenny Zimmermann, San Antonio)

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