ARN - Bruising (was Double wide vs. Schlager)

Robert Kern Wolfe at
Wed Apr 14 14:56:38 PDT 1999

But, then, there is risk of injury (even serious injury) in
>"heavy" combat as well. So, why the big cultural difference vis-a-vis
>Michael Silverhands (Baron of Stargate, and newbie fencer)

Hello Michael,

Actually your letter makes me feel better about one thing.  I  fought heavy
for about ten years and never really considered fencing blows a matter of
concern.  I also marshalled fencing in various places that was mostly heavy
fighters as well.  I have a lot of female rapier fighters in the stronghold
and what bothers them has never bothered me.   Here I am going "what am I
doing wrong?"  Actually, I am.  I need to be more attentive to rapier blows.
But your letter pointed out why I was in error and made me look more closely
at myself, and my teaching techniques.


Robert Wolfe

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