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> Subject:	RN- A Royal Invitation to the Cadets of Ansteorra
> Greetings fellow cadets, and apologies to those not of Ansteorra.
>            Her Royal Highness, Princess Octavia requests the presence of
> the
>  community of Ansteorran cadets at a tea to be given by Her Highness on
>  Sunday afternoon at Steppes Warlord.
>            Her Highness, being unfamiliar with the majority of the rapier
>  community in Ansteorra and noting that the cadets have taken upon
> themselves
>  Her care and protection, desires to become acquainted with the cadets,
> their
>  hopes, their philosophies and where they would like to see the rapier
>  community in Ansteorra develop.  She feels it important that She begin
> the
>  process of learning about the Ansteorran rapier community with those who
>  will be its future leaders and who have pledged themselves to Her.  It is
> a
>  process that will continue, of course, with the introduction of the WS
>  circle upon Her Coronation.  In the meantime, She is ours and we are
> Hers.
>            Therefore, be it known that once the rapier tournaments have
> come
>  to an end on Sunday afternoon at Steppes Warlord (probably somewhere
> around
>  3:00pm), Her Highness will host those cadets who would come to meet Her.
>  This will be an informal gathering, coordinated by Countess Margaret ny
>  Connor and Baroness Kayleigh Drake.  Light refreshments will be served,
>  suitable for those who have been fighting all day.  Please do not
> hesitate
>  to contact either Baroness Kayleigh or myself with any questions, offers
> of
>  assistance or other suggestions.
>            To those in Ansteorra who do not wear the red scarf, Her
> Highness
>  also sends greetings and the hope that you will not feel slighted in not
>  being included in this invitation.  Her Highness feels that just as the
>  relationship between the Queen and White Scarf is a special one, so has
> the
>  relationship between the Princess and those who are cadets become a more
>  formalized relationship within our Kingdom.  Her Highness is well aware
> that
>  there are many worthy men and women who do not choose to wear the red
> scarf,
>  for any number of reasons, and She hopes that you will understand Her
>  intentions in this matter.  She hopes to become acquainted with our
> entire
>  community during the next nine months and requests that all feel free to
>  approach her with their hopes, concerns and dreams of the future,
> regardless
>  of whether or not you choose to wear a scarf upon your shoulder.
>            In service,
>  Countess Margaret ny Connor
>  Cadet to Doña Leah la Malchanceause
>  Baroness Kayleigh Drake
>  Cadet to Don Navarre 
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