ARN - the lightning struck home

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That very attitude my friend, is a great start.

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> I feel like an idiot.
> Earlier in the posts, I ranted and raised my voice about the white scarves
in general. I was sooooooooo wrong. In some recent studies of my own I found
my mistake. One of the local newbies asked me about fencing, and taking the
chance to assist another to heart I went and did some extra study, to make
sure I was doing it right. I found that it was not my skill at fighting that
was at question, it was my understanding of honor, courtship, graces, things
that had absolutely nothing to do with fighting, and everything to do with
being a gentleman. Being that my shire has no rapier marshall, and few
light-fighters, and that due to a pregnant wife I cannot travel far, would
you please assist me in understanding and learning the courtly graces?
> Again I ask for your understanding, and forgiveness,
> this is my appology
> -D-
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