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Sun Aug 1 09:24:31 PDT 1999

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> I would like at this time to announce that the Ansteorran Youth Rapier
> program is now signed. Training can now begin. Consent forms and
> authorization forms are being made and shipped out to the regional marshals.
> Training of marshals has begun, and authorizations will be done for the 12-17
> year olds that wish to fence in kingdom. If you wish an email copy of the
> rules Please email me and I will be happy to send them out. The rules will be
> posted to the Ansteorran web page soon.( I hope) I would like to thank all
> the people that helped get this program started and finished in only 6
> months.
>  I hope the youths of our kingdom will enjoy this new program and will stay
> with it until they are old enough to enter the adult rapier lists. ( not that
> I look forward to facing any of them as quick and limber as 18 year olds are
> after 6 years of training :o)  ).
>  A few groups have already planned tourneys for the youth program at their
> events. For this I say thank you for welcoming this new group and bringing
> the youth back in our game called the SCA.
> Ld Pieter Rausch
> Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal
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