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Damon Huse alric at
Tue Aug 3 16:44:43 PDT 1999

I hope that this latest posting from His Excellency help to put some
fears to rest

	Phelippe Descors
	Barony of Elfsea

(Pieter, your question is now answered about the youth fighting)

Perhaps it is out of the ordinary that a rule that has been in place
the first tournament will actually be followed.  That is why it was
announced at Defender 1998, at Spring Faire, at Rogues and Rapiers, at
Steppes Warlord, at ATYC, on RapierNet, and on this list.  Since the
Rapier rules were just signed, we will not be asking the youth to
period clothing during their tournament.

I do not want to make specific rulings on what is and is not an attempt
period clothing.  Publishing specific new rules at the last minute would
create confusion and bad feelings.  If someone says "I tried, and this
the best I can do right now", that will be enough.  If someone says "I
care what it looks like, I fight best in my white fencing jacket and
pants with my orange Nike soccer cleats.", they won't be allowed to
to be Elfsea's Defender.  Elfsea deserves better.

Llywelyn, Lord Elfsea
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