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Brent & Susan Rachel hbrache at
Tue Aug 10 13:57:15 PDT 1999

I am beset.., on all sides..., by jackals!  Jackals, I tell you!

Kazimir Petrovich

"Zimmermann, Leonard" wrote:

> Ummm... No, Yes, Yes, Not necessarily, Absolutely.
> Didn't want to lurk. :)
> Honos Servio,
> Lionardo Acquistapace, Bjornsborg
> (Lenny Zimmermann, San Antonio)
> zarlor at
> P.S. For those who forgot the question. Oh well, STBY. *great evil laugh*

David Pakalnis wrote:

> Now you did it.  What will sandy do? Did Dr. Jorden perform the operation
> with a Del-tin.  Was he authorized?  Will little Timmy remain hidden under
> the cloak?  What about an off hand anesthetic?  Will the drama ever end....
> JP
> >
> >Will Sandy find out that her mother is secretly dating Dr. Jorden, the very
> doctor who
> >just gave her husband a vascectomy?
> >
> >Kazimir Petrovich

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