ARN - Time for Nubies....was Problems?

Brian Graef chivalric at
Fri Aug 13 11:50:27 PDT 1999

Good day to all,

This is my first post ever, so please be considerate when viewing. Yes 
Duncan, it was Jean-Paul whom u picked during the melee. I know this because 
I also was picked by you to be on your team. I must say, that besides being 
extremely tired by the end, I had a terrific time! JP and I joined the SCA 
together to get into light fighting. The first attempt I ever made at 
getting into the SCA was about a year before, and I was alone in this 
venture. It can be VERY intimidating to approach a group, especially alone. 
I filled out a survey form and was told the Hospitaler would contact me with 
more info later. This never did happen. Of course, I also did not put forth 
the effort to go back and find out more for myself. I kind of got the 
feeling that there was no one interested in someone new that expressed 
interest. Well, here I am now, about 6 months into the SCA, having a great 
time, and glad I made another attempt and joining. As JP said, there is 
noone who should put more effort into me having fun in the SCA, than me! In 
short, I am glad I made another attempt and want to thank all the people I 
have come into contact with. Not only inside the Barony, but also the people 
I have met at the events. Everyone has been great and willing to answer my 
questions, no matter how stupid they may have been.

A new light fighter,
Ullric Karl Von Krieg
Barony of Bjornsborg

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