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Susan O'Neal shamrock at
Mon Aug 23 21:42:28 PDT 1999

I am writing to get some input on favored armor styles.  My daughter is
thrilled about getting into youth rapier and we are debating about what to
do for chest protection.  As you all are the experts on everything in light
weapons, I thought I would ask you what your preferences are. What you have
tried that you liked and also warnings about what really didn't work.
Currently we are debating between the bodysuit type thing warn under your
clothing that gives you versatility in what you wear to fight in or the
leather vest on the outside. We saw Don Navarre's blue linen shirt and it
was exquisite.  The multi layered trigger tunic thing looks too cumbersome
for comfortable use.  I am very conserned that she will be adaquatly
protected as she is just 12 and those she is competing against are not

Other thing I would like imput on is the best way you have found to protect
the under arm area and what interferes with mobility.  My sewing level is
pretty basic and I think I can tackle most of the things I have seen so far,
except several layers of linen does sound a bit daunting.

Thank you so much for all information,
shamrock at

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